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Youth players need just as much equipment as high school, college, or even professional athletes. Keeping our youth football players safe on the field is so important to us and when you think of youth football pants, you don't immediately think of safety and protection, but in reality, pants are a vital piece of equipment in any football player's gear list. Protecting thighs, hips, tail, and knees, pants serve an important role in the game.

Whether you want integrated pants that have the thigh, knee, and hip pads built right into the pants for easy gear-up or you want slotted pants that allow you to choose your own pads and place them right into the pants quickly and easily, you have tons of options here. Next season is always right around the corner and youngsters grow, make sure he is geared up in the proper fitting, max protecting, and most comfortable football pants so that he can perform every single time he steps onto the field.