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Goalie Field Hockey Sticks

What is the difference between a field hockey goalie stick, and a regular field stick? Do I need to buy a goalie stick if I plan on focusing on being the goalie instead of a field player? These are all good questions to ask when thinking about buying a field hockey goalie stick.

The main difference between a field hockey stick and a regular field stick is the kinked or curved portion of the stick above the hook, or the toe, of the stick. This design increases the surface area of the stick while maintaining a thin profile, which assists in ball saves when diving or using your stick to make a save. A goalie-specific stick also helps in clearing the ball away from the goal.

Have you been playing with your field stick in goalie position, and are considering whether or not to buy a goalie-specific stick? Remember, manufacturers have designed goalie sticks to maximize the goalies chances of making stick saves, and they are also meant to improve clears from the goal. If you are considering making your position goalie for the foreseeable future, you may want to seriously consider committing to a goalie stick. If you are very comfortable playing with your regular field stick while in the goal, and still not sure, try borrowing a friend's goalie stick during practice to see how you like it before making a decision. If you do decide you want a goalie stick, Sport's Unlimited has a selection of goalie sticks from leading field hockey brands like TK, Gryphon, Obo, Grays and STX in an array colors and designs for all prices points and skill levels.

Goalie Sticks

Goalie Field Hockey Sticks