Youth Football Facemasks

Gearing up your youth football player with the right equipment is an important procedure. Once you've secured a youth football helmet, whether it be team issued or purchased on your own, you may be looking to upgrade the face mask. Choosing a facemask can be a tricky task with so many options and styles suited for various positions. You'll want to make sure you get the look you want and the performance you need. In some cases you'll need to purchase a new youth facemask to match your team's colors, other times you'll want more position specific protection.

Even at the youth level, facemasks can vary greatly. The right football facemask for a lineman won't be suited to a wide receiver, and vice versa. Typically players in the trenches demand more bars on their facemasks to protect their eyes and face from the poking and prodding that occurs in the heat of battle. Skill players like quarterbacks usually prefer more open style facemasks with less bars to cut down the weight and increase visibility. Many youth players also add on a for some extra protection.

Picking out your next youth football facemask is made simple at Sports Unlimited. We stock a range of Riddell, Schutt, and Xenith football facemasks that will allow you to get the look you desire. Remember that what fits one helmet won't necessarily fit another. Each helmet has a unique facemask type that fits with it, so check carefully before picking out your new game face. If you have questions on whether a mask will fit your helmet, you can always contact our expert customer service team to get the answers you need. We've got all your facemask and other youth football gear covered at Sports Unlimited!


Youth Football Facemasks

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