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Are you a regular at the local pool hall? Get a few games in every night if you can? Well we have your next secret weapon right here, with a full collection of some of the greatest, highest-quality pool cue sticks, in every shape and size, made from quality woods or fiberglass.

Fiberglass pool sticks have become increasingly popular amongst beginners and intermediate players, mostly because they're a little more affordable and more durable than wood cues, since they never warp. Made with advanced power-bonded fiberglass coatings over wood, the shafts of these pool cues deliver great power and incredible accuracy. The major difference in playability between the classic wood and fiberglass pool cues is the lack of shot feel or touch in the fiberglass models. Because of the synthetic nature of fiberglass, these sticks do not communicate the touch of the shot in the same way natural wood does, which may affect performance for some players.

Many pool purists and higher level players stick to quality wood pool cues for the natural hit feel, or touch, they get through the wood. Most quality pool cues are made with straight grained, stiff maple, for a rock hard feel and warp-free design. Some, however, are made using ash wood, which is not as stiff, or as cheap as maple. We offer a huge variety of cues, made with different cuts and types of wood, but choice typically depends on personal preference.

Sports Unlimited offers the highest quality cue sticks from the best brands in the game, like Cuetec, Viper, and Mizerak. We even stock NCAA, NFL, and MLB pool cue sticks for the super fans out there! No matter what you go with, be sure to secure your investment in a pool cue case, to guard it from warping, scratches, and damage.

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Pool Cue Sticks

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