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When it comes to baseball equipment, Easton has been the choice of professional baseball players, little league stars, and recreational athletes for decades. Known to deliver high quality baseball gear, Easton emphasizes innovative designs and top notch performance in every single item it produces.

Easton baseball bats, arguably the star of Easton's baseball line, are known as some of the best baseball bats on the market. Easton uses highly innovative technologies to produce ultimate performance at the plate. Easton uses a laser precision manufacturing system that optimizes bat materials, and then fortifies the bats with superior combinations of ballistic and carbon fibers along with the industry's most durable alloys. Easton Bats with "XLB" in their name designate them as bats with extended barrels, thanks to Easton's patented Extended Flex technology. Extended barrels enlarge the sweet spot, giving you a larger hitting area and the biggest sweet spots in baseball. So every time you grab an Easton baseball bat, you're sure that you're increasing your chance of success. You can depend on Easton baseball bats for faster swing speeds, increased power, and expanded sweet spots, so with each cut, you won't get cheated.

Every Easton baseball glove is hand crafted and designed with the highest quality materials so you never have to worry about your glove when you use an Easton glove. All levels of baseball players can find their perfect glove from Easton. And don't forget about the catcher. Easton catchers gear is some of the most superior quality gear available. Incorporating Easton's core technologies with advanced engineering designs makes Easton catchers equipment some of the most highly demanded in the game today.

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