If you are looking to pack as much fun into one place as possible, multi game tables are the perfect option. Most likely, you do not have an endless amount of space in your home or facility, and therefore, buying a table that can be converted into several different games is the perfect solution. Multi game tables can be convertible, rotational, or flip top.

Convertible tables have a stationary base and surface. Additional pieces can be added to the surface, changing the table covering, and adding different markings, changing it into a whole new game. For example, some convertible billiard tables include two pieces that can be fit into the felts area of the table that also hold a net in between, turning your billiard table into a ping pong table!

Flip top game tables have a double-sided top with a different game on each side. These tables can be combinations of billiards and air hockey, billiards and ping pong, or other combinations. A locking mechanism is used to keep the table level and in place as you play.

Rotational multi game tables use the same rotating concept found in flip top tables, but have more than 2 games. These tables consist of a stationary base with an axel around which a triangular or square piece rotates. Each side of the rotating piece features a different table game. Billiards, table hockey, and foosball are commonly found in this configuration.