Dakine Backpacks

"Da Kine" is the keystone of the Hawaiian slang Pidgen, and basically means anything; "That girl from that place with the thing," "The dog you used to have when you were at that job in that town," or even "That abstract concept that loosely defines who you are." You can use it to mean whatever you want, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. It's the word you use when you don't know what other word to use. And it was with that relaxed spirit of chill, casual versatility, that Dakine (the company, not the word) entered the world of surf accessories and gear back in 1979. Since then, Dakine has grown into a top-of-the-line backpack designer and manufacturer, creating backpacks for surfers, skateboarders, windsurfers, skiers, snowboarders, da kine ya know?

Their wide range of styles and designs are as versatile as their namesake, but just as well suited to any situation. With tons of cool features like fleece lined sunglasses pockets, insulated cooler pockets for water or energy drinks, and padded laptop compartments, you can really do just about anything with a Dakine backpack or bag. Not to mention, with the sickest colors and designs, you can really make a statement even if you're not exactly sure what it is you're saying.

With the highest quality backpacks, specially designed for active guys and gals, Dakine backpacks have everything you're looking for. And we bring 'em to you for free (shipping at least)!


Dakine Backpacks

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