Have you ever left the house with a big backpack full of only a few small items? Have you ever thought of downsizing to a bag that is lightweight, looks cool, and fits just what you need? Think about adding a sackpack to your accessories repertoire. Also called cinchpacks or drawstring bags, sackpacks are lightweight bags with drawstrings that replace backpack straps and that also help to open and close the bag itself. These bags are useful for athletes who play sports that don't require a lot of protective equipment. Sackpacks are the perfect size for carrying your towel, goggles, and a change of clothes to the pool, or your mouthguard, shinguards, and cleats to the field. Also great for just walking around town, going to your friend's house, or going to spend the day at the beach. Sackpacks will hold what you need for the day without weighing you down like a bigger, heavier backpack or duffel bag would. These smaller bags are also much more reasonably priced than a more expensive backpack, which is a nice plus for your wallet.

If you think a sackpack is the right size bag for you, come check out Sports Unlimited's selection of sackpacks. Great for all ages, and an awesome way to keep your stuff all in one place while looking good, and without lugging around a big bag that slows you down.