Ladies Backpacks

Get a backpack that's built with you in mind! At Sports Unlimited, we realize that many women would prefer a backpack designed specifically for women, so we provide a tremendous selection of girls' backpacks and women's backpacks. While all our backpacks offer quality and style, these girls' backpacks and women's backpacks are designed with a feminine flair. Also check out our selection of women's tote bags.

Find the backpack that's built for your frame. Women's backpacks have female-specific dimensions so you will never be uncomfortable again sporting your backpack. Most backpacks are built for the male structure, often leading to discomfort or even strain from added weight and bulkiness. Women's backpacks have anatomically correct designs, including smaller shoulder straps, constructed to fit the female frame.

Women's backpacks also sport female-friendly designs and style, so you don't have to be stuck with the tired old basic look. If you're looking for something a little smaller, check out our women's tote bags, and you'll find something that's a little smaller and carryable.

While all ourábackpacksáoffer quality and style, these North Face girls' and women's backpacks are designed with a feminine flair.