Riddell Youth Football Helmets

If you've watched a football game at any level in any point in your life, chances are very high you've probably seen a Riddell football helmet. Established in 1929, Riddell broke into the sporting goods business as the maker of football cleats, but 10 years later broke through with the invention of the first ever plastic helmet, forming a prototype that would eventually become the RT2 model.

A lot has changed over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is Riddell's commitment to innovation in the football helmet. That's carried over from their adult line to their youth football helmets, where Riddell's patented technologies are helping to keep youth players safe.

Riddell's youth football helmets take everything that's great about their adult helmets and puts into a lighter weight ABS plastic shell that's great for young players. From the top of the line Riddell Youth SpeedFlex to options for your budget like the Riddell Victor, their helmets have a look and feel that's preferred by players at the game's highest levels.

One of Riddell's best technologies is their Patented Side Impact Protection (PSIP) system that adds support to the jaw. The mandible area of Riddell's helmets are bolstered by side shell extensions and liner extensions that run down the side of the helmet. The technology in included in all of Riddell's youth helmets, making them better equipped to handle side impacts.

All other helmets, with the exception of the SpeedFlex, feature the aggressive Revo Speed shell design that has become a staple in football. The Speed shell is well ventilated and has a look that's easy to spot on the field.

Riddell's youth football helmets are some of the best in the youth game today. With their combination of a professional look and high-level technology, they offer plenty of opportunity to grow as your game does.

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