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Roller Hockey Goalie Gear

There's nothing like spending the afternoon on a spring or fall day playing a friendly game of street hockey with your buddies. But even better than that is being the stone wall that stops every one of your friends' shots from hitting the back of the net.

Show 'em whose house it is when you stop everything in your path with some of the most solid roller hockey goalie gear out there today. Sports Unlimited has everything you need to play like a real pro NHL goalie when you're on the street. From tough goalie blockers to thick, but flexible goalie shin pads, authentic team hockey masks, to goalie catcher gloves, we've got it all to deck you from head to toe in goal-stopping gear. Looking for the whole nine yards, at a great price? Check out our selection of roller hockey goalie gear sets. You get everything you need to start blocking shots this afternoon, including a glove, blocker, chest protector, and shin pads, all in one color-coordinated set.

At Sports Unlimited, we want all of our young athletes out there to get the most out of their games. That means staying safe while you play! That's why we only stock the highest quality roller hockey goalie pads and protective gear from top brands like Franklin and Mylec, so you know you're getting the best gear out there for your kids!

Whatever you need for your favorite neighborhood game, we've got it right here at Sports Unlimited. So browse our collection of great street hockey gear to find exactly what you need!

Goalie Gear