There is a lot of gear required to play the goalie position in lacrosse. You need to have the lacrosse goalie equipment to make stops and distribute while keeping your body protected from harsh shots and battles in front. All goalie gear is important including your lacrosse goalie stick, gloves, and other pads. When you step in the net and stare out in the field, never be unsure of your gear. Get the right goalie pads, sticks, & equipment that will help your team not just for the game, but for the season.

Q & A
By John from chicago, Illinois on February 24, 2013
Is the nemesis goalie girls lacrosse stick legal for girls lacrosse?
By Customer Service on February 25, 2013

The rules regulating goalie sticks and heads in women's lacrosse are not as stringent or defined as those regulating field lacrosse sticks. Nothing in the current women's lacrosse rules directly outlaws or bans the Warrior Nemesis goalie stick from play, or any other men's lacrosse goalie stick for that matter.