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The gridiron isn't the only place where the fun happens. When you're in the locker room with your pads on and you place that football helmet over your head, there is a feeling of pride that you can't get from anywhere else. To the fans in the stands, football helmets represent which team they're rooting for and which team is the opposition. To the players, those helmets mean so much more. In addition to offering optimum protection, that football helmet stands for your teammates, your team, and you as a part of it all. It's the armor you put on to give you the strength, energy, and protection to succeed on the field. Without the best helmet, you'd be risking the game for all those people for whom you are playing. The best football helmet comes in many forms. It depends on the player you are, but being informed is the best way to find the right fit for you. Choose from a variety of helmets from your preferred manufacturer as we stock all four major brands: Riddell, Schutt, Rawlings and Xenith helmets.

Latest Football Helmet News:


Youth Vengeance DCT Hybrid

With Schutt’s mastery of helmet design and construction, the Vengeance DCT Hybrid is built with advanced protection technology in the most critical areas at an affordable price. The front, crown, and back parts of the helmet are strategically protected with Dual Compression TPU (DCT) technology that has elite protection against high and low velocity hits.

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Schutt Vengeance and Riddell 360
Today's Best Football Helmets: Riddell 360 vs. Schutt Vengeance

Compare the features and performance of the two top level, next-generation 2013 football helmets, from the top two football equipment companies in the game today!

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Helmet Comparison Chart:

In our continued efforts to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date football helmet information for players and parents, below please find our complete breakdown of the two latest next-generation, highest-testing 2013 football helmets from Schutt and Riddell, the Vengeance and 360.




Schutt ION 4D
Schutt Vengeance

Dual Compression TPU (DCT)
The next generation of advanced cushioning, DCT delivers two layers of TPU inside the helmet. One layer of stiffer TPU is positioned to absorb impact energy from less-frequent, high force collisions. The second layer of softer TPU is designed to dissipate impact from the more frequent, low-impact collisions.

High Impact Foam Liner
A new fit liner system adds a third layer of protection around the crown and front of the helmet, increasing impact absorption in typically vulnerable hitting areas.

Re-Designed Shell
A mohawk polycarbonate shell with the largest offset in Schutt's lineup is aggressive and strong, without a sigificant increase in weight or profile.

Vengeance Facemask
Re-Designed facemask system provides wider coverage and better visibility, along with a raised eyebrow arch that improves impact absorption from frontal impacts.

Cusomt Fit Liner
Impact-absorbing foam liner cushions the head for a comfortable fit.

Keeps the dual lock inflation valves in place, for easy and fast inflation of the liner.

Ventilation Holes
To keep air moving and improve breathability, large ventilation holes in the shell dump hot air and allow cool air through.

Vengeance Facemask
Wide field of view and improved frontal protection.

Riddell Revolution Speed
Riddell 360

Improved Concussions Protection
After collecting helmet impact data for years, Riddell has refocused on protecting the front and jaw areas of the head, to prevent more concussions and protect the player.

Hexagonal Liner System
Energy managing foam in a breathable, moisture managing liner provides extra impact absorption and delivers incredible comfort.

Re-Designed Shell
A larger shell offset, with extended sides, the 360 shell better manages impacts anywhere around the head.

Flex Faceguard
A flexible facemask, with new facemask hinge clips allows for a slight flex, to absorb more impact energy from frontal hits.

Hexagonal Liner
Comfortable, moisture wicking, fabric liner with foam hexagonal shapes, cushion the head for maximum in-game comfort.

Enhanced Occipital Lock
Cradles the back of the head for improved comfort and stability.

Inflatable Jaw Pads
Energy managing materials make for a comfortable and safe customized fit.

360 Face Guard
Flexible, wide coverage facemask improves visibility and facial protection.

Questions & Answers
By Matt from Bayport, MN on June 11, 2013
Are football helmets returnable if they don't fit properly?
By Customer Service on June 11, 2013

Yes. Football helmets are returnable within our standard return policy as long as they have not been used at all.

By Kellie from Denver, co on August 10, 2013
Do the big grill schutt face asks fit a schutt DNA.....as well as the DNA Pro?
By Customer Service on August 12, 2013

You would need to purchase a DNA facemask for a DNA helmet. There are DNA versions of the Big Grill facemasks.