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Sledding is one of those timeless winter activities; something so simple, genuine, and fun that the entire family can enjoy it. From the youngster sledding on his own for the first time, to Mom and Dad holding onto each other (and dear life) as they shoot down the hill at high speeds, images of winter fun are as enduring as the season itself! And that kind of fun is perfect for people of all ages. What's more, there are tons of new ways to get down the hill these days!

If you've been out of the game for a while, first of all...welcome back, the hill has missed you. Secondly, there have been some vast improvements in sledding since the good ol' days of the classic wooden Red Racer. Stiga Snowracers, wooden toboggans, plastic sleds, snowboards, and snow tubes give you a huge range of options in methods and speeds to get your sledding on...and Sports Unlimited has them all!

So stop stealing trays from the cafeteria, and toss old "Rosebud" into the furnace. It's time to pick up a brand new winter sled, and get the family together for endless fun this season!

Frequently Asked Winter Sled Questions:

Which type of winter sled is right for me, or my family?

That's a question only you can answer, but we sure can help you get a better idea of the answer.

First of all, let's narrow down your decision by answering a few preliminary questions. These will give you a more defined idea of what you're looking for:

Who will be using the sled primarily? Is this new sled for adults or children?

Some sleds are designed for adults, and can be dangerous for children. Others are too small for adults.

How often will you be using the sled?

Some sleds are more durable, and stronger than others, and can hold up to regular and constant use.

Where will you be using the sled?

Some sleds are designed for smaller hills. Others are meant for larger hills and ski runs.

What is your budget for this new winter sled?

The price of winter sleds, snow tubes, snowboards, and snow racers vary greatly, depending on brand, durability, use, etc.

Now that you've answered these questions for yourself, you are more prepared to find the perfect sled for you. Let's take a closer look at all the types of winter sleds and other snow toys we offer at Sports Unlimited.

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What is different about each type of sled?

To make your decision as easy as possible, here is a breakdown of every type of snow sled out there. Now, at a glance, you can decide by price, weight, speed, and additional features, to find the right sled for you:

1. Foam Sleds

Foam sleds are our most popular and best selling sleds. They're easy to use, safe, and great for all ages. Their simple design lets you ride your way; laying or your stomach, going feet first, or kneeling on the sled, so the ride stays fresh, new, and exciting every time!

Foam Sled Breakdown

Price:   $   Fairly inexpensive, a great value
Weight: Lightweight
Speed: Very fast
  • Durable foam construction will not crack in cold winter weather

  • Most feature sturdy handles, making them easy to carry and transport

  • Range in size from 36" to 48" to accommodate children and adults

  • Come in a variety of colors and cool graphics

2. Stiga Snowracers

Produced by Stiga, snowracers take sledding to a whole new level! As a company, Stiga has been producing and designing sleds for over 70 years, and they have been at the cutting edge, developing some of the most advanced snow sleds on the market. Our selection of Snowracers give you a lot of control and speed, so they're best used by advanced riders.


Snowracer Breakdown

Price:   $$$   Somewhat expensive, but a great value for the quality
Weight: Durable metal frame is somewhat heavy
Speed: Very fast
  • Comfortable seat allows you to sit and control as you ride

  • Twin tip skis let you take the sled backwards down the hill

  • Dual ski design stabilizes the sled for a smooth, fast ride

  • Two component steering wheel with attached ski for incredible control

  • Incredibly durable metal frame lasts season after season

3. Snow Tubes

Fun and inexpensive, snow tubes are the simple choice for cruising down the hill with speed and style! Quick to inflate and deflate, snow tubes travel well and are easy to store, making them perfect for the sledder on the go, or the infrequent sledding trip. Watch out though, snow tubes have no controls and can pick up a lot of speed, so be careful! They may not be appropriate for very young children.


Snow Tube Breakdown

Price:   $   Inexpensive and affordable
Weight: Incredibly lightweight
Speed: Very fast, depending on the smoothness of the surface
  • Easy to transport and store

  • Require air, or a compressor to inflate

  • Most feature hand holds to stabilize your ride

  • Lightweight, and easy to carry back up the hill

  • Fits and supports almost any size rider

4. Toboggans

One of the oldest and still most popular sleds in the world, toboggans have been a part of people's winter lives for centuries! Originally designed as a functional form of transportation, toboggans have now become a source of hours of family fun down the local hill. And when we say "family fun" we mean fun for entire family...at once! That's right...most of our toboggans are big enough to seat a few people at once, so the whole family can shoot down the hill together!

Toboggan Breakdown

Price:   $$$ - $$$$    Toboggans can range greatly in price depending on size
Weight: Sturdy but lightweight wood construction
Speed: Somewhat fast, but made to provide a smooth, fun ride
  • Depending on size, can fit anywhere from 1 to 4 people

  • Made from bound wood slats that come to a curved loop at the front

  • Aerodynamically designed

  • Rope attached to front for easy and safe pulling

  • Front rider sits down, with their feet in the loop

  • Passengers sit behind, in a line, holding onto the person in front of them

  • Fun for the whole family!

5. Snowboards

Anyone that's gone skiing over the past several years has noticed the increased popularity of snowboarding. What began as an innovative and cool new way to shred the mountain has now become a full-fledged sport, thanks to people like Shaun White, who put snowboarding on the map. But snowboarding is a lot more than insane tricks and half pipes. They can be used on any sized hill by any sized rider!

Snowboard Breakdown

Price:   $ - $$    Our selection of beginner's snowboards are durable and wont break the bank
Weight: Lightweight and sturdy
Speed: Can range in speed depending on ability
  • Sports Unlimited offers beginner snowboards for young and new riders

  • Heavy duty plastic construction holds up to regular abuse

  • Easily adjustable bindings fit most feet

  • Perfect for riders age 6 and up

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Do you offer other types of snow toys?

Sports Unlimited offers a full selection of snow toys that will keep your kids wishing for more snow (like they don't do that already)! Check out our selection of snowball makers, snowball blasters, and sled-skates to take your kids' winter experience up a notch. Perfect for the whole family, and great to get the neighborhood kids together, these snow toys will keep everyone entertained and active all winter long.

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How safe are sleds?

Sledding is a fun and thrilling activity, but like any, it has its risks. Even with the best sleds on the market, dangers still exist in moving quickly across a slippery incline, especially when there are plenty of other kids around you who may not be as safe as you are.

To help prevent injuries to you and your family, follow these simple rules when sledding:

  • Always supervise children when they are sledding
  • Check the hill for obstacles, holes, rocks, etc.
  • Ensure that the sledding path does not end near a street, parking lot, pond, or other dangerous area
  • Avoid going downhill head first
  • Consider using a helmet for children under 12
  • Sleds that can steer are generally safer than those that cannot
  • Sled during the day, or at night in a very well lit area
  • Wear warm and layered clothing to stay safe and pad yourself from impact and injury

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