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Football Facemasks

Football facemasks are undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of football equipment that you wear out on the field. Imagine putting on your football helmet with your face entirely exposed. They used to do that back in the days of leather football helmets, but with the speed and physicality of the game today, you would be walking in bad shape without a facemask. Not only do facemasks protect your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, jaw, and chin, but they can look pretty darn intimidating while doing it. We stock a massive amount of facemasks in all different colors that are just waiting to be shipped to your door so you can get in the game this weekend.

Football facemasks have evolved over the years to become stronger, lighter, and more intricate in their designs. With so many options for facemasks that have different benefits of protection and intimidation, you may want to take a look at our guide to what facemask is best for you. In recent years, the popularity of titanium facemasks has risen because with strength to rival any other facemask, titanium facemasks are 60% lighter than traditional facemasks. That means less fatigue, quicker movements, and better overall performance. In addition to the rise in popularity of titanium, big grill style facemasks also have become exceptionally popular. With multiple styles of big grills, such as the big grill, big grill 2.0, and the big grill villain, you can get all that facial protection you want while looking supremely intimidating.

Questions & Answers
By Ben Abay from NJ on July 12, 2013
Will i be able to have a big grill 2.0 on a Vengance XL
By Customer Service on July 18, 2013

No, you will need a Super Pro XL facemask for your Vengeance XL helmet.