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Whether you are out in the back yard or in an NFL stadium, to play football there is one thing that is utterly essential to the game, a football. Whether you are looking for the official NFL sized football (The Duke) to toss around in your backyard pretending to be Tom Brady or a youth-sized football from Under Armour, we've got what you need. From the earliest of youth leagues up to high school, college, and the pros different size and brand balls are used. To practice with the right ball, check with your league to determine what gameball is used. Explore what exactly you need with our guide to buying a football. Whichever football you are throwing and whichever field you are on, football is one of the most popular sports in the world. People all over the globe put up spirals and wobblers and celebrate backyard touchdowns with spikes and dances because football is special. To get into the game on the field, you'll need more equipment than just a football. Visit our overall football buyer's guide to see what you need.
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