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You know the feeling: You're flying around, running your heart out, and then it happens; sweat pours into your eyes. Not a good feeling. Keep the sweat out and the focus intact with a new headband or football skull cap. Headbands prevent sweat from disrupting your game by absorbing moisture from your forehead and hair. And if you don't want to rock the headband, check out our wristbands, which allow you to wipe sweat away with ease while showing a little style in your look. Under Armour wristbands are some of the most popular wristbands available, as they add a little extra moxie to your game and use famed HeatGear technology to wick moisture better and feel better on your wrist and as you wipe your forehead. These wristbands come in multiple sizes and shapes so that you can choose what best suits you for whichever sport you're dominating.

Another accessory that has gained popularity recently is the football skull cap. Often worn in football to keep a player's sweat out of his eyes, hair down, and head cool under a helmet, skull caps and skull wraps are made with some of the same technology as the best athletic apparel in the world. Using moisture management systems that wick sweat better and allow it to evaporate, these caps can regulate your heads temperature better and in turn, regulate your body temperature as well. Stretchy and lightweight, they feel great on your head while getting the job done. You'll forget you're even wearing one until you take it off and realize how helpful it really was.

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