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Bigger, stronger and faster is the name of the game in football.

And while that mantra is applied to the players, it could be applied to the hits they're taking as well. With those bigger hits, come a bigger need for protection all over your body.

One way to bolster your padding without weighing yourself down is with a padded football shirt from Sports Unlimited. We stock a variety of padded shirts, such as padded Under Armour shirts, and vests for any budget to help your upper body stay fresher later into games and later into the season when the games really start to matter. Our football shirts and vests come in a variety of styles with extra padding for your shoulder, ribs and spine - areas that could benefit from the extra protection. Most companies have been upgrading their pads to make them not only lightweight, but flexible and contouring to the movements of your body. So if they won't slow you down, who wouldn't want a little extra protection?

Browse our selection from the top-of-line gel-to-shell technology of EvoShield to the popular, trusted protection of Cramer. Choose the option of a sleeveless shirt for added breathability and lighter weight or benefit from some extra arm compression with a short sleeved shirt. With names like Shock Doctor, McDavid and Under Armour, we're sure to have your brand in stock.

Make this the season that you're not afraid of a little contact late in games. Make it the year that you run over opponents on the way to the goal line - and a championship.