How do your promo codes work?

Only one promo code or discount can be applied per order. Promotions, special offers, and promo codes cannot be combined in the same order. The largest discount will automatically apply.

Are there any exclusions?

Usually, certain brands require us to exclude them from promotions. There will occasionally be other exclusions for certain types of items. If an item is excluded from all promotions, it will be marked on the item page. See a list of promo and coupon exclusions here.

What is the best way to know about promotions?

Email! Whenever we are offering special promotions, we will email you to let you know how you can take advantage of the offer. To join the email list, enter your email address into the ôSign Up for Emailö box on the bottom of any page of the site.

What's your policy on sales?

Sale prices on are not permanent and often end within a few days.

If an item goes on sale less than 14 days from your date of purchase we will adjust the price. Please call or email us within those 14 days and we'll credit you the difference! This offer only applies to in-stock items that go on sale in the same size and color of the original purchase.

Do you price match?

We do price match, but we need to hear from you to get it done. If you find a cheaper price for an item we carry, send us an email with the name of the competitor and a link to that item on their site and weÆll get right back to you.

Before you send anything though, take a look at a few things: Is the item immediately available in the color or style you're looking for? Also take into account shipping charges. How much would it cost them to ship the product to you? These factors will affect our final decision to price match.

I show that I was charged twice, why?

When you initially place your order there is an authorization charge put on the card. This is how we find out if the card is approved or declined. This charge will drop off, but depending on the bank or credit card company that you use, it may take anywhere from 1-7 business days.

Do you offer any quantity discounts or pricing?

It would be our pleasure to see if we can arrange some sort of quantity discount or pricing. If you are ordering large quantities for a team or corporation, you can contact our Custom Team Department. They have years of experience helping coaches, commissioners, districts and corporations find the best gear for their teams and organizations at the best prices. If you are not ordering for a team, call or email and weÆll work something out!

Where should I go to find coupon codes for Sports Unlimited?

See our current coupons and promotions right here.

As always, call us up or email us if you have additional questions!