OBO Field Hockey Goalie Equipment

Founded in New Zealand and distributed to the United States by Cranbarry, Obo is a funky, fun-loving company who makes field hockey goalie equipment, apparel, and accessories, and who is obsessed with making goalie products that are not only functional, but also exceed goalies needs - all while making them look cool at the same time.

Obo makes sticks and protective products to defend you from head to toe, including the head, throat, chest, elbows, hands, groin, thighs, shins and feet so that you can focus on guarding your goal! Obo has different ranges of product to fit all player types. The Ogo range is perfect to protect your entry level players, ages 7+. Their Yahoo range is ideal for ages 10+ of players who are on their way to becoming serious players, while the Cloud is perfect for those serious players that are age 14+. Robo is the range at the highest end of the spectrum, ideal for athlete's at the most elite levels of play, ages 14+.

At Sports Unlimited, check out our wide selection of products from Obo's arsenal. We have helmets, chest and leg padding, hand and foot protection, facemasks, as well as sticks and accessories that will not only fit you needs, but make you feel like you're unstoppable.

OBO Equipment

OBO Field Hockey Goalie Equipment

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