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Schutt ION 4D Adult Football Helmet

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Schutt ION 4D Adult Football Helmet


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Note: This helmet does NOT include a facemask.

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Additional Options:  Schutt Football Helmet Inflator Pump (+$9.95)

Additional Options:  Schutt Football Helmet Inflator Pump (+$9.95)

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The Schutt ION 4D Adult Football Helmet is one of the best football helmets ever made, delivering unsurpassed performance and protection.  The sleek and aggressive large standoff shell provides more room to pack in the super efficient TPU cushioning system.  Thermoplastic Urethane cushioning has been proven to be superior to foam for impact absorption, heat management and overall hygienics under game-like conditions.  If you want the most head protection, you want TPU cushioning.  The Schutt ION 4D also includes the exclusive Energy Wedge faceguard attachment system absorbing up to 15% more energy from frontal impacts.  Everything about the ION 4D football helmet is designed for maximum protection and comfort.  A SUREFIT Air Liner with dual inflation points gives you the perfect fir for better in-game comfort.  More pros in the NFL are switching to Schutt helmets to take advantage of TPU cushioning.  Shouldn't you do the same?

TPU Cushioning System
The ION 4D uses Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) Cushioning that's been proven superior to traditional foam padding in game-like conditions: better impact absorption, better heat management and better hygienics.  TPU cushioning won't take a compression set, won't break down (even after thousands of impacts) and is resistant to mold, mildew fungus and bacteria.

SUREFIT Air Liner System
The Schutt ION 4D features a two-piece SUREFIT inflatable air liner system that makes this football's best fitting and most comfortable helmet.  The SUREFIT air liner is made from a soft, yet durable anti-microbial material that gives you a precise, custom fit right out of the box.

Energy Wedge Faceguard
This unique and amazing faceguard acts as a shock absorber for the ION 4D, absorbing up to 15% more impact energy from direct frontal impacts than traditional faceguards.  The Energy Wedge faceguard is stronger than traditional faceguards and gives you a wide, unobstructed view of the entire field.

Premium Features
Valve port attachment system uses Velcro to lock the inflation valve into place so there's no more hassle to get the valve aligned.  Moisture management pad wraps around the front section of the SUREFIT liner to wick sweat away from your forehead, keeping your vision clear.  AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads provide the same TPU protection as the rest of the helmet in a sleek and low-profile pad.

Football Helmet Features:
  • Virginia Tech Helmet Rating: ★★★★
  • Large standoff polycarbonate alloy shell
  • Thermoplastic Urethane Cushioning (TPU) for better impact absorption, heat management and hygienics
  • SUREFIT air liner features two parts: lateral air liner and crown air liner for a custom fit and comfort right out of the box
  • AiR-LOC dual lock inflation valves for both crown and lateral air liners with new Velcro attachment system to keep valves in place
  • Energy Wedge Faceguard Attachment unique to ION 4D absorbs impact from frontal hits
  • Faceguard is integrated with the helmet shell for greater durability and allows for wider field of vision
  • Removable Moisture Management pad wicks sweat away from the forehead for clearer vision
  • AiR Maxx TPU low profile jaw pads: the protection of TPU cushioning wrapped inside the comfort of a traditional jaw pad
  • 6 large crown ventilation holes
  • Multi-functional ear hole design
  • Multiple-option chinstrap integration
  • Meets NOCSAE Football Standards
  • Includes: Schutt hard cup chinstrap and one pair of 7/8" AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads
  • Please Note: - Facemask NOT included with helmet
                         - XL helmet requires an XL face mask
                         - See all ION 4D Facemasks Here

For more details on the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings and the STAR evaluation system, click here.

Schutt ION 4D Adult Football Helmet
5 Stars based on 64 Review(s)
3 Stars

April 15, 2015
i used it for one season and during that season i managed to crack the shell. the helmet was surprisingly heavy and actually gave me helmets and for me it didnt fit right and it got ripped off at least once per game
easy fasemask install and easy to clean
heavy and the pads would fall out alot

Cambridge, ON
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great helmet with a lot of weight
July 30, 2014
never got a concussion, but was very heavy. used for 2 and a half seasons and loved it, looked awesome, wish they were still manufacturing it but the vengeance will be a change for sure.
safe, looks awesome

Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

2 seasons review
July 27, 2014
It is one of the best helmets today, I had the vengeance and I changed it for the ION cause of 2 reasons; 1.- Vengeance xl was absurd big, like a watermelon and 2; Ion is cheaper. Im MLB and I usually hit pretty hard, and I can tell you I've has some hits hard enough to get a concussion but with the ION i haven't it is just one amazing kind of a helmet. Overall it feels like a high quality helmet
Small shell, cheap, top of the line protection (seriously), very good looking, VERY higienic and just extremely high quality
Really heavy, same air liner for M-L-XL

Denver, Colorado
3 Stars

Not the best
June 7, 2014
I have had this helmet for two years now and got a concussion in the very first game I used it I have played varsity football since freshman year and this helmet is okay but it is also very heavy which I have had some whip lash from it. But if you are going to buy this helmet spend the extra money for the titanium cage.
Very heavy

Bedford hts, OH
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 20, 2014
Just order it hopefully it's good and not to heavy

Caldwell, ID
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great, gorgeous helmet
January 6, 2014
It's as advertised. Great fit, forms well, and takes hits well. Not too mention one of the best looking helmets out there

Chicago, Illinois
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Fit!
December 5, 2013
It is a great fit, I haven't test it out yet but I'm sure it'll do wonders!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 6, 2013
A very nice product. This is one of the best football helmetS I've worn. Simply very good.

Theresa, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Purchased in 2009 & never used another helmet since
October 27, 2013
In 2009 I wanted to purchase the best helmet made for the safety of my son. He has yet to get a concussion and is still using the same helmet playing Varsity football. Check out to see the helmet in action. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxkNQGpuC3M
Never had a concussion. Pump air in it for perfect fitment and protection on the top, back and sides. Looks mean and stylish. Facemask absorbs impact from front. cheaper now than when I first bought it.
Heavier than most helmets but if you change the facemask to Titanium and it makes weight just right. I would also chance the inside top portion to the newer schutts Vengeance padding. I think the circular padding gives it a better impact protection.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

overall great helmet
July 14, 2013
this is my first helmet i've owned, and i've had it for 1 season and it's treated me well so far as a outside and middle linebacker, fits perfect on me, i like the design of it, it's very very very easy to take apart and clean, heat management is excellent, it's a little heavier than the speed which i've only trained in not played, the only problems i have with this helmet is that after a while having it on, it gets uncomfortable, i dont know why but my head needs a break from wearing it apart from that it's an excellent helmet i would highly recommend it to any player and any position you play,

5 Stars

Best Helmet
January 3, 2013
This is one of the best football helmet I've wearied. It's light, very comfortable, always keep the head cool and great design. TPU cushioning is great and it never breaks down, which will save your money from replacing it. I have been wearing this helmet for a year now and I've never had a concussion with this helmet.

David Marty
4 Stars

December 17, 2012
Good and Quick delivery

5 Stars

Ion 4d
October 25, 2012
Keeps your head cool in humid temps compared the 360, protection is great, myson tools some big hits as a defensive back, even a scare helmet to helmet hit from a running back 40lbs more than he is shock him a bit but no concussion symptoms. Very happy with this purchase so much I bought the vengance for his high school team. Worth every cent

5 Stars

Get the Best
October 14, 2012
I started buying these for my boys who both play football after my oldest suffered a concussion while playing in the school-provided helmet a couple years ago. My oldest plays varsity in high school here in Texas (linebacker, O-line and deep-snapper.). The other plays peewee ball. My oldest tells me that the helmet is cool and comfortable. He also says the padding is very effective and that the facemask mounting system cuts down a lot on the shock being transferred from the facemask to the helmet. My youngest hasn't worn anything else, so he knows nothing else. These are heavy helmets, however I have not heard any complaints about the weight from either of my boys. I can't say the helmet is responsible, but I can say we€™ve had no more concussions since we stared using them. Also, have your boys baseline tested for concussions before they start playing. The neurology department of your hospital can probably do it. It cost me $10 per kid to have it done last summer and helps your doctor assess the severity and they are better able to track progress back to normal. The concussion woke me up to the idea that I could (and should) ensure my kids have the best safety equipment possible. As a result, my oldest also wears shoulder pads, which I provided from this site, and knee braces as a preventative measure. The technology in the shoulder pads is much better than school-provided. They are lighter, more effective and cooler than what the school can provide to the masses. The knee braces are cheaper than your insurance deductible and you don€™t have to re-hab. From what I watched on game videos, the braces have already saved his left ACL a couple of games ago. Take care of your boys and get them the best equipment you can. Just sayin€™.

5 Stars

Schutt ION 4D
August 29, 2012
Everything we wanted. Son loves it.

5 Stars

Schutt ION4
August 27, 2012
My son used this helmet in 10th grade and he said he did not frrl anything. He got a mile concussion a couple weeks ago wearing another model helmet. I purchased him this helmet because it was a known commidity. Schutt has also made upgrades to the helmet since my son's 10th grade year and he will be a 12 grader this year. He plays linebacker and he loves this helmet.

5 Stars

July 15, 2012

5 Stars

middle linebacker
June 18, 2012
i just ordered this hemet with my bday money. and im hoping its as good as some people say cause im hopingto knock people around this season

5 Stars

Great Helmet
June 6, 2012
I could wear this helmet 8 hours right out of the box. The first chance I got to wear it at practice I took a hit to the head going over the middle catching a pass. The helmet didn't move on my head, and absorbed the impact. I'm completely satisfied.

5 Stars

Awesome helmet
April 14, 2012
The most comfortable helmet I've ever worn. Great protection.

5 Stars

Great Helmet
March 12, 2012
looks great, fits well and offers great protection. would recommend

Jonathan Benka
5 Stars

March 11, 2012
Good helmet!

Gean Brinker
5 Stars

Helmet Schutt
March 7, 2012
Very good yous itens.I´m recommended.

5 Stars

February 28, 2012
Excellent helmet!

5 Stars

ion 4d
February 22, 2012
love this helmet

Luiz Felipe
5 Stars

fits better
February 6, 2012
This helmet is amazing. Really confortble. I used to have a Air Xp, size Large. My head size is in between helmet sizes. So this Air XP was to tight, I bought this Ion size XL and was perfect!

5 Stars

unreal helmet
January 13, 2012
best helmet i have evere used

angelica murray
5 Stars

ion 4d
January 3, 2012
bought the helmet for my son as a christmas present, He loves it! Great helmet! He's excited to begin spring football with his new helmet.

Jonathan Lopez Menendez
5 Stars

Awesome protection
November 15, 2011
This helmet provides comfort and real protection i love it

5 Stars

the must
November 15, 2011
very excellent confortable and very light a must for me and protection on top

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