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With dozens of swim goggles to choose from, Sports Unlimited is your best bet!  Our selection of swimming goggles ranges from kids swim goggles to performance goggles for competition swimmers.  From fun and colorful to sleek and fast, our swimming goggles can't be beat.  If a diving mask is more your style we have you covered, and don't forget to shop our great selection of swimsuits as well.

Things to consider when buying swim goggles:

1. Expert, competitive swimmers will have different concerns when buying swim goggles than recreational swimmers. It is important to recognize your swimming ability in order to purchase a correct pair of goggles. A common misconception is that the more expensive the goggle, the better they are. This is not necessarily true. Here are some things to consider when buying swim goggles.

  • All swimmers should consider type of swimming activity, eye socket fit, gaskets and comfort level, lens color, and facial fit.
    • Eye Socket Fit
      • A goggle that fits close to the eye socket with a low profile and hydrodynamic lenses will not cause drag while swimming. This is important for competitive swimmers. Reducing drag during a race is thought to improve performance.
      • A wider facemask allows for more peripheral vision, letting you see what is going on around you. Often important in open water swimming, triathlons, and water fitness.
    • Gaskets
      • Gaskets are the part of the goggle around the eye socket that comes in contact with your face. If you are swimming for long amounts of time, you will want a comfortable gasket, often made of silicone and rubber, or foam. Silicone or rubber gaskets are more durable than foam, and often more expensive. If you train multiple times a week, opt for a more durable gasket.
    • Lenses Color
      • Metallized goggles have a mirrored coating which reduces brightness and glare. Important for outdoor swimming. A smoke-colored lens is a great all-purpose option. It lowers overall brightness without much color distortion. This is a good option for those who swim outdoors and indoors. Blue lenses are designed to reduce surface glare from water and provide visibility in bright light. Opt for lighter blues if you are an indoor swimmer, and darker blues for outdoors. Clear lenses are good for indoor or low-light swimming, not altering appearance of colors, offering clear vision.

2. What size goggles do I need?

  • A good fitting leak-proof goggle will provide enough suction to sit on your face without the use of a goggle strap. If they fall off immediately, chances are they don't fit.
  • Women-specific swim goggles are designed to fit a smaller face and narrower eye widths. Youth-specific swim goggles are also designed to fit smaller facial features.
  • Most goggles are easy to adjust to fit the size of your head and face. If you are not sure what size you need, look for a goggle with an adjusting nose piece and adjustable straps.
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