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Football Thigh, Hip, Knee Pads

What type of football pads do you need?

Hip, thigh, and knee pads can save you quite a bit of pain and bruising, but getting the right pads are as important as wearing them in the first place. Some girdles and football pants use slotted pads that slide right into pockets within the pants while others use snap-in hip pads. Additionally, many girdles and football pants come with integrated hip, knee, and thigh pads that are sewn into the pants themselves. Depending on what girdle and pants you have, you will want to buy the correct kind of pad! For more information about the differences in these types of pads and other great info, visit our Football Pad Buying Guide.

Our selection of football pads in any category is enormous and thigh and leg pads are no exception. We stock brands like Schutt, Riddell, Adams, EvoShield because no matter what football pads you're looking for, Sports Unlimited is going to have the best selection in our warehouse, ready to ship immediately. Your upper legs can take a beating on the field and that's why preparation for training, practice, and games starts even before the season when selecting your pads. Find the best football pads for you at Sports Unlimited and your future game-day self will appreciate it.

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