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Trekking Poles / Hiking Poles / Walking Sticks

    Whether you call it hiking or trekking, the benefits of having poles to assist you on your adventure are endless.  The proper use of trekking poles can dramatically reduce the amount of strain put on the knees, legs and back.  Adventurers climbing Everest to people strolling around the local park, everyone will benefit from the stability, balance and load bearing capabilities of trekking poles.  Leki is the World's #1 manufacturer of trekking poles.  These poles are lightweight, durable and very comfortable to use.

    Nordic Walking is quickly increasing in popularity in the U.S. as a complete form of exercise.  Originating as an off-season training exercise for cross country skiers, Nordic Walking is a time efficient, low-stress, total body workout. Walking is the number one fitness activity in America because it is simple and it works. Nordic Walking takes it to the next level by involving your total body. Burn more calories, increase your cardio health, strengthen your upper body and reduce stress on your knees and back by integrating Nordic Walking poles into your exercise.

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