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Men's Lacrosse Shafts

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The handle of your lacrosse stick is the connection between you and the ball. The way you move the handle will ultimately affect what you do with the ball.

Attackman and Defenders require different handles. An attackmen or midfielder requires a shorter styled stick called an attack shaft. The shorter length assists in the player’s agility and movability around the field. A men’s attack shaft usually measures about 30” in length. A defender will need a longer stick called a defense shaft that will allow them to reach out and stick check the opponent, making it easier to protect the goalie. A defense men’s lacrosse shaft usually measures about 60” in length.

Shafts are made in a few different materials. Aluminum alloy tend to be at the lower end of the budget, offering a strong, lightweight shaft for most level of players and positions. A composite shaft is ideal for intermediate to advanced attackers, made from carbon fibers that increases its strength while being incredibly lightweight. Titanium shafts are stronger and lighter than aluminum, which makes them a great candidate for advanced and defensive players. Scandium is the highest strength-to-weight ratio material, and for this reason a scandium shaft is toward the higher end as far as costs are concerned. This type of shaft is preferred by elite and pro-level lacrosse players.

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