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    STX Lacrosse Equipment & Sticks

    STX Lacrosse Crescent Ball Stop - 2 Pack
    STX Lacrosse Bounce Back Target
    STX Lacrosse Replacement Bungees
    STX Lacrosse Portable Crease
    STX FiddleSTX Lacrosse Sticks - 2 Pack with Ball
    STX FiddleSTX 7 Player Lacrosse Game Set
    Regular price: $95.99
    Sale price: $84.99
    STX Lacrosse Glow in the Dark Balls
    STX FiddleSTX Mini Lacrosse Balls - 2 Pack
    STX Lacrosse Outdoor Rebounder Cover
    STX Double Sided Lacrosse Training Rebounder
    STX Shield 100 Women's Lacrosse Complete Goalie Stick
    STX Women's Lacrosse End Caps
    STX FiddleSTX Girls Lacrosse Stick with Ball
    STX Sidewinder Field Hockey / Lacrosse Backpack
    STX Crux 300 Women's Lacrosse Runway Head
    STX Crux 300 Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick with 7075 Handle
    STX K18U Men's Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick with 7000 Shaft
    STX Stallion 200 Men's Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick with Stallion 6000 Shaft
    STX Classic Field Hockey Turf Ball
    STX Field Hockey Shin Guard Socks
    STX 2See Youth Field Hockey / Lacrosse Goggles
    STX 2See Adult Field Hockey / Lacrosse Goggles
    STX 4Sight Focus Women's Lacrosse Goggles
    STX Deluxe Field Hockey / Lacrosse Goalie Pants
    STX Youth Lacrosse / Field Hockey Goalie Pants
    STX Limited Edition Neon Alliance 135 Men's Attack Lacrosse Shaft
    STX Limited Edition Neon Alliance 85 Men's Attack Lacrosse Shaft
    STX Proton Universal Men's Lacrosse Head
    STX Stallion 100 Men's Lacrosse Rib Pads
    STX Essential Lacrosse Stick Bag
    STX Fusion Field Hockey / Lacrosse Stick Bag
    STX Shield Men's Lacrosse Goalie Gloves
    STX Stallion 600 Men's Lacrosse Helmet
    STX Stallion 100 Youth Lacrosse Helmet
    STX Logo Water Bottle

    Why do great lacrosse players seek out STX equipment to keep them on top of their game?

    Maybe it's because STX was started by one of their own.

    Founder Richard Tucker, an All-American member of the Johns Hopkins men's lacrosse team in 1951, simply wanted a way to spread his passion for lacrosse to a larger audience. But the market was bare. Sticks were limited in their availability, coming mostly from Native American reservations, where wooden sticks were meticulously handcrafted. So Tucker, who worked at manufacturing company Wm. T. Burnett, came up with a better idea - a synthetic lacrosse head.

    Joining forces with fellow lax players and co-workers Joeseph Sollers, Jr., Bill Crawford and Roland Fracalossi, Tucker came up with the very first synthetic head in 1966. By 1968, the head was used in a game between Army and Navy and in 1970, STX was born.

    The rest has been history. And it's a history that Sports Unlimited is proud to be a part of.

    One of the hottest names in sport today, STX lacrosse equipment has got you covered with a full range of sticks, heads, pads and apparel. Our selection of all things STX will help you suit up for your next lacrosse match with the tools to carry your team to victory.

    STX has continued to push the game of lacrosse forward with new innovations and has been used by both legendary players at the game's highest levels and youth players picking up a stick for the first time.

    By choosing STX, you're getting a company with the most lacrosse knowledge on the market. History, innovation and style has pushed STX to the forefront in the lacrosse community, and with an STX product in your hands, it won't be long before you're rising to the top as well.