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Under Armour Women's Cold Gear

Under Armour ColdGear makes winter training and workouts just a little bit easier by keeping your body's heat close and wicking sweat to keep you dry. Whether you're hiking a mountain, skiing down a slope, running a 5K or walking the dog in the winter months, don't forget to throw on your ColdGear so you can enjoy the great outdoors all year round.

What is the difference between the original ColdGear and ColdGear Infrared? ColdGear Infrared features an additional thermo-conductive print added to the interior layer of the garment which absorbs and retails your own body heat, making it best for high bursts of activity and changing conditions. When you work, it works and when you stop, it also stops. When active, ColdGear Infrared will keep you warmer for longer periods of time. Original ColdGear features a dual layer material that is smooth on the exterior to repel moisture and soft on the inside to trap heat. It's great as a baselayer in the extreme cold or as a stand alone piece in temperatures hovering between 35-50 degrees F. And since both technologies are equipment with Under Armour's Moisture Transport System, you'll stay light and dry even when you sweat without overheating.

Women's ColdGear technology is available in hoodies, long sleeve crews, leggings, beanies and more to ensure your entire body stays warm and cozy. UA ArmourFleece has become a customer fave, replacing the traditional cotton sweatshirt.

Looking for gear to keep you cool in the warmer months? Check out our Under Armour HeatGear.

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