Under Armour Footwear

Step up your game when you step into Under Armour footwear! Whether it's cleats or sandals, Under Armour always provides a comfortable ride with innovative technologies. Cleats are available in both rubber molded and detachable designs to match your needs. We stock a variety of colors and sizes for both youth and adult athletes.

 The unique Highlight cleats became an instant hit on the football field due to their ClutchFit technology that hugs your foot and ankle providing unmatched support. Great for the guys in the trenches or quarterbacks, these cleats help prevent ankle rolls and sprains. They also look awesome while helping you power through the opponent. Elite quarterback, Cam Newton, wears Highlight cleats called the C1N designed to cater to his explosive speed and quickness. And for the rest of the speedsters on the field, Under Armour designed low Speed cleats that are extremely lightweight and offer incredible agility for quick cuts and stops on a dime. Flashy designs and chromed out cleat plates will have you looking like a blur racing down the sideline. We've also got baseball, soccer and lacrosse cleats that provide the traction and speed you demand on the field.

And when practice or your workout is over, wind down and relax in a pair of Under Armour slides or sandals.  Also great for the beach, UA sandals feature molded footbeds that cushion your feet and massage your sole. Men's and women's styles are both available.


Under Armour Footwear

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