Fitness Clearance Items

Get up and move! Every day, millions of people tell themselves that this is the year they are going to get in shape. Somehow, excuses always pop up. I'm too tired. I have homework to do. I have to take my son to soccer practice. I don't have the right equipment.

Whatever your excuse is, do not let it be about the equipment. Here you can find quality fitness equipment for a fraction of the original price. It is crucial to your workout to have the proper equipment or you are doomed before you start. When running, make sure you have safety/reflective apparel as well as proper hydration for the length of your run.

In case you haven't noticed, most running shorts do not have large pockets and if you wear shorts with pockets, your phone, keys, wallet constantly hit your legs and bounce around creating an uncomfortable environment for running. Find yourself a waist pack or arm band that holds all of your belongings secure, eliminating movement any distractions they might cause.

There are plenty of benefits of running, but you shouldn’t limit your exercise exclusively to running or you may fall short of your fitness or weight loss goals. Mix in weight training, yoga, pilates, and fun recreational activities to give your body the well-rounded workout it needs. Proper gloves and apparel make weight lifting and any type of sport much easier and potentially less painful. For example, new weight lifters commonly experience blisters, which can be very painful and result in quitting your program.

Whatever path you choose, equip and dress yourself for success!

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