Yoga and Pilates are two immensely popular forms of exercise. They can be done alone or in a group, at home or in a gym, and even on the go!

Equipment generally needed for yoga (besides appropriate workout attire) typically includes a mat, yoga blocks, and yoga straps. Mats can be found in solid colors, patterns, and even reversible styles. Thicknesses of the mats range from 3 mm to 6 mm. Most mats are 24 inches wide, and vary in length (most are around 70 inches long). Yoga blocks can be constructed from foam, bamboo, cork, or other materials. They are used to provide support for positions that are not yet attainable by the individual. Yoga straps can be used to facilitate postures, as well as stretches. Many straps are multi-purpose and can also be used to wrap up your mat between sessions.

Pilates workouts can be done with as little as a mat, but can be intensified using weights, resistance bands, and reformer machines. Reformer machines position the body properly to attain the best results and prevent injury. These machines can be rather simple of more advanced with features such as interchangeable resistance bands, rebounders, and wheels for easy moving.