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Men's Lacrosse Gloves

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In the game of lacrosse, your hands are your most important asset. Without functioning hands, scooping, passing, checking, and shooting would all be impossible. Thatís why protecting your hands is crucial in keeping your game on point.

The majority of menís lacrosse gloves are constructed with moisture wicking palms, a wrist cuff, venting on the back of the hand, and foam padding. Fabric on the palm of the hand is generally constructed with a breathable or a moisture wicking fabric that keeps your palms dry, which is important for maintaining a healthy grip on your handle and improved feel. Internal wrist cuffs protect your wrists, and are often adjustable for a secure fit Ė these tend to be found on gloves for players at a more intermediate or advanced level of play, where as you may not find internal wrist cuffs on a glove for a beginner player as checking isnít as advanced. All gloves will have an outer cuff to protect the back of your wrists from checks, and are also often adjustable for a customized fit. Venting on the back of the hand can also be found on a glove for a more advanced level of play, keeping hands comfortable and less sweaty, although coming at a higher price point. Foam padding comes in different densities to reduce weight and increase protection for all levels of play. A beginner glove will have padding with less density as the game is not as aggressive, and you will see dual-density foams in gloves for more advanced players where checking can be intense.

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