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Your hands are very important in the game of lacrosse. Your hands are what connect you to your most powerful piece of equipment and most trusted tool, your stick. Women's lacrosse gloves are designed to do a few different things. For one, they keep your skin protected and warmed in colder temperatures (think of those early spring outdoor practices!). They also give you an added grip for more control on your handle, and they also help to absorb some shock from checks and ball catches especially if you use a handle made from alloy metal like 7000, scandium or titanium. Some gloves even add added protection with gel or minimal padding on the back of the hand for any unforeseen checks or ball hits on the hand during the game or in practice. As an added benefit, most gloves are made with moisture wicking fabrics, keeping your hands dry, comfortable, and helping to prevent sweat from making you lose your grip during those game deciding plays! For your next game, check out Sports Unlimited's selection of lacrosse gloves for women and girl players from leading lacrosse brands like STX, Under Armour, Brine and Maverik.