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Indoor Games
Indoor Games

Soft Tip Darts

Designed for plastic and electronic dartboards, soft tip darts are commonly used among recreational dart players today. With hundreds of small holes on an electronic dartboard, the plastic tips on a soft tip dart are made to stick in the board. Flights on a soft tip dart are often slimmer than traditional darts, because of the lighter weight of the dart. This makes for an evenly weighted dart, which results in straighter, more consistent throws. The shaft on a soft tip dart can vary in length, and should be selected based on player preference. Players that throw the dart gripping the front of the barrel, typically go with a shorter shaft, while a longer shaft may be better for those with a grip towards the back. Barrels on soft tip darts, similar to shafts, should be chosen based on grip and throw style. There are so many variations to a dart barrel, including weight, diameter, and grip. Thicker knurling provides better grip, but also adds thickness and weight to the barrel. Thinner barrels allow for tighter groupings on the dartboard, which is imperative for more experienced dart throwers.

We offer a great variety of soft tip darts for players of all experience levels. Whether you're looking for a beginner dart set, or a complete set full with darts, tips, shafts, and flights, we have the dart equipment to get you playing. With unique and colorful flights and barrels, there is a dart set that is sure to fit your style.