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Youth Football
Youth Football

For many parents of young football players, the top priority when shopping for a helmet is how light it is. A lighter helmet will put less strain on a player's neck and also help promote proper tackling techniques. One way to lighten the load this season is with a youth stainless steel facemask from Sports Unlimited.

Just about 30% lighter than a traditional carbon steel facemask, stainless steel is durable and will help the overall lightness of the helmet, no matter which one you choose. Available for helmets compatible with Schutt Super Pro facemasks - AiR XP models and the Air Standard III - stainless steel facemasks are a great choice for youth players.

We offer several styles to compliment your game. ROPO facemask feature reinforced oral protection to guard your mouth and jaw from direct shots. They have an excellent field of vision with a wide peripheral and are often preferred by skill players for their airy feel. For players more worried about getting poked in the eye, the EGOP styles have eye guard protection ? a single horizontal bar on the side of the facemask that will stop hands and fingers from poking into your face.

Don't just choose any facemask this season. Make your young player a better player with a youth stainless steel facemask from Sports Unlimited.