Football Girdle Buyers Guide

Football girdles are the unsung heroes of your grid iron armor. Not only do they provide a comfortable compression fit against your skin, that moves with you as you play, but they also feature built-in padding, or areas for additional padding, to protect your hips, thighs, and tailbone. There are a huge variety of girdles to fit the huge variety of players, skill levels, and budgets, so please review our football girdles buyers guide, and compare our entire selection of football girdles, to immediately see the differences between every adult and youth girdle we offer.

What are the difference between integrated and standard girdles?

Standard Girdles - A standard girdle features 5 pockets (2 thigh, 2 hip, and 1 tail bone) where players can insert their own pads.

Integrated Girdles - Integrated girdles are similar to integrated football pants, and feature a full set of pads in the thighs, hips, and tail bone, permanently sewn into the girdle. The pads are part of the garment and cannot be removed.

1/2 Integrated Girdles - 1/2 integrated girdles are a mix of integrated and standard girdles. They feature permanently sewn-in pads, typically hip and tail bone pads, and pockets for additional padding, typically thigh pads. With 1/2 integrated girdles, you get permanent hip and tail bone protection, and are able to customize your thigh pad feel and bulk.

All-In-One Girdles - All-In-One girdles provide complete protection with a full set of 5 pads included and built in. Unlike in integrated girdles, these pads can be removed and replaced.

How do I know what sized girdle is right for me?

Assess the following size chart for basic sizing directions. Please note, this is not accurate for every brand of football girdles, and just a loose guideline. Please review the sizing chart located on each girdle's product page.

Size Waist Size
Youth Small 22" - 24"
Youth Medium 26" - 28"
Youth Large 30" - 32"
Small 28" - 30"
Medium 32" - 34"
Large 36" - 38"
XL 40" - 42"
2XL 44" - 46"
3XL 48" - 50"