Kwik Goal Infinity Large vs. Pugg Pop-Up 2.5"


We no longer carry Pugg Goals. Champro is a good alternative, see item page for details.

You never know when game of soccer will break out. A few players, ball, and a goal is all that is need to enjoy the beautiful game. While soccer is typically played on large pitches with permanent goals and keepers, sometimes a simpler version required. When space is limited and regulation goals not available, Pop-Up Goals are the answer. These lightweight and portable options are excellent for pickup games or practice. Folding down for easy storage, these pop-up goals go anywhere you need them to.

Two manufacturers that make a range of pop-up goals are Kwik Goal and Pugg. Both offer pop-up goals in different sizes and colors to meet you specific needs. The most popular goal size would be those that are 6’ x 3.5’. The Kwik Goal Infinity Large Pop Up would fall into this category, and is sold individually. These come with 3 nylon anchor pegs, allowing you to keep the goal in place on grass surfaces. Built with a steel/poly frame and 15 mm polyester mesh net, this goal is designed to be durable and last for seasons to come. As the Official Pop-up goal of U.S. Youth Soccer, the Infinity also comes with Kwik Goal’s Lifetime Guarantee.

Pugg offers a similar goal to the Kwik Goal Infinity, with their 6 Footer Soccer Goals. As one of the first developers of pop up goals, their name Pugg is an acronym for pick-up-game-goal. The 6 footer goal was their original design, and has been one of the most trusted pop-up goals on the market. Sold in pairs, the Pugg 6 Footer is the perfect choice for a game of pick up. Complete with anchoring pegs and a carrying bag, the only thing that’s missing are a few friends and a soccer ball.