Kwik Goal vs Stadium Chair Soccer Bench

Steel / Nylon
105 in L x 17.5 in W x 16 in H
Kwik Goal

For weekend tournaments or rotating practice fields, portable seating can come in handy. Thatís why both Kwik Goal and Stadium Chair designed collapsible soccer benches. They can easily be folded and transported from field to field to offer sideline seating wherever you play.

Both the Kwik Goal and Bag A Bench portable soccer benches are superior options for sideline seating. They can be used for players, coaches or even spectators. The Kwik Goal design features a collapsible steel frame with nylon seats while the Bag A Bench features steel with cordova canvas. Both are weather resistant and offer seating for 6 people but the Bag A Bench seat backs can be removed for screening or embroidery making it ideal for teams that want to logo their bench. Both also offer a sturdy, durable design but only Kwik Goal backs their bench with a lifetime guarantee. The Bag A Bench offers a one year warranty against defects. The Kwik Goal bench is also 4 lbs lighter making it slightly easier to transport in the included carry bag.

All in all, you canít go wrong with either the Kwik Goal or Bag A Bench Collapsible Soccer Bench. Looking for a larger or smaller bench? Check out all of our soccer benches above.