Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 Football Gloves vs. Under Armour F6 Football Gloves Comparison

For years, Nike and Under Armour have been in a race to the top in almost every category of sporting goods. Football gloves are no different as the two companies are both represented by top flight NFL receivers, such as Odell Beckham (Nike) and Julio Jones (Under Armour), and have a variety of gloves to fit any position. But most wide receivers will be making a simple choice between the Nike Vapor Jet 5.0 receiver gloves and the Under Armour F6 receiver gloves.

Both gloves provide solid options for pass catchers and defensive backs alike, but there are a few differences between the gloves to consider before making your choice.

First, and most importantly, is the grip. The Vapor Jets make use of Nike's Magnigrip technology which helps any ball stick to your hands. The material is features throughout the palm and on the back of the pinky as part of a locked-in feel delivered by the glove. Under Armour uses their Glue Grip technology to provide a glove that maintains its grip for a longer period of time. Unlike Nike's glove, Under Armour's grip doesn't extend all the way down the glove. The wrist strap comes around the bottom of the glove, giving it less coverage. Nike's Magnigrip also seems more sticking.

Both companies go different ways with the backs of the gloves. Under Armour uses lightweight HeatGear fabric to keep your hand cool. The material is dry and light and does a great job of keeping moisture off your hand. The Vapor Jets have a vented back of hand to allow heat to escape. The mix of polyester, spandex and silicone easily stretch to conform to the shape of your hand, with the vent holes taking care of the cooling. The different looks allow players to decide which style is more comfortable for them.

The gloves have branding on the back of the hand and also feature logos on the palms. Both have sharp looks that give you confidence when you take the field. Worn by some of the game's best receivers and defensive backs, these gloves are made to put you at the top of the class.