Ping Pong Table Buyers Guide

When buying a table tennis table there are certain features to consider in order to meet your needs. First, think about where the table is going to be used, (i.e. indoor/outdoor), how often it will be used (daily, a few times a month, during family gatherings), and the skill level of the individuals playing (large age and skill ranges, advanced, kids, aggressive players). After answering these question you should have a better idea of what you're looking for. Thankfully, we have a vast array and variety of tables to fit any need. We offer tables for those looking for simple, leisurely home and recreational play, advanced players in need of extremely stable and durable tables, or casual players that simply want a long lasting, quality table.
Check out our selection of indoor ping pong tables and outdoor ping pong tables. You can also convert your pool table into a ping pong table, using a conversion top.

Features to Consider:

Playing area: Be sure to measure the intended playing area before ordering a table. In the play position, the table measures 9' long by 5' wide. The net brackets will add approximately 1' to the width of the table. An additional 5' on each side of the table will allow a comfortable distance for play. Storage height will vary, so be sure to check the product descriptions for more information. It is also a good idea to measure all doorways, hallways and stairwells that the table may encounter when it is being moved into its final destination.

Table Top Thickness: With a thicker top the bounce is going to be more consistent and truer throughout the surface area. With a thin top you could possibly experience lower bounces in certain areas of the table. Also, the more thick the table top, the more resistant it is to warping. Most tables are made from wood, but can differ in warp resistance and density. Outdoor tables vary in construction but usually have an aluminum layer over wood on the top, sides and bottom. A wood top that is at least 1/2" thick is suitable for home or recreational play. Many institutional tables are 5/8" to 3/4" thick. Almost all international quality tables are a minimum of 7/8" to 1" thick.

Rail/Apron: A heavy gauge steel rail will reinforce the structure of the table and provide additional support. It also serves a cosmetic purpose, adding to the beauty of your table.

Legs: Heavy gauge steel legs provide a solid foundation for your table. Round legs are sufficient, but square legs are more structurally sound. A table with larger legs and stable connecting points is going to have greater durability and stability. A table with narrow legs can still be stable if there are crossbars to add support.

Wheels: Larger wheels (casters) contribute to easy mobility. Many tables have brakes in two or more of the wheels to provide stability when playing. Most institutional and international level tables offer a rubber ball bearing wheel system, providing for the smoothest roll possible.

Playback & Storage Positions: Tables with a playback position allow one player to practice by raising one half of the table up, creating a backboard. Young or new players can use this backboard to learn the game without being completely accurate on their hits, and can practice returning the ball. In the storage position, both sides fold up to save on space and make it easy to roll the table.

Adjustable Feet: Some tables have adjustable feet to ensure that the table is level, even when the floor is not. This is convenient on outdoor tables where the ground is often uneven.

Safety Features: Manufacturers have vastly improved the safety of their tables in recent years. Safety features to consider are protective corners, locking wheels, locking play, storage and playback positions, and ease of transportation.

Net & Posts: Some rollaway tables have the posts permanently attached to the table for storage and gameplay which is convenient, but is sometimes less adjustable. Most tables come with a net and posts.

Accessory Holder: Some models feature a convenient accessory holder that is integrated into the frame of the table. It will accommodate multiple rackets and balls.

Assembly: Some tables come preassembled so they're ready to go right out of the box. Others assemble in just minutes with no tools required, while some of the more complex tables will take longer to assemble. Sports Unlimited offers in-home delivery for all Table Tennis Tables to save you from extra hassle.

If you have any other questions, please call our knowledgeable customer service staff at 1-800-693-6368.

About the Brands:

Every brand creates different table tennis tables, using different materials and highlighting different features. Before selecting your table tennis, it is important to understand the brands that specialize in them.

Kettler: For each table, a patented double locking mechanism can be easily worked by one person allowing the table to be folded for playback or storage position.

Cornilleau: Cornilleau tables are produced using galvanized steel and other anti-corrosion materials to provide many years of play. They are all backed by an excellent warranty with 10-years on the outdoor tops and 3-years on indoor tops and all table frames. Additionally, all of the portable models are easy to fold, provide the playback feature, and include the patented DSI safety system. DSI allows the table to be opened and closed quickly and safely with a single handle accessible from the playing-edge. With 16 locking points, Cornilleau tables have the highest level of safety on the market.

Stiga: Stiga has different styles and designs for all uses at a wide price range. The Professional and Tournament Series tables have 1" and 3/4" tops and self-opening legs for easy setup. The STS 285 is our best selling Stiga table and has silver mag ball-bearing wheels for easy movement and storage. The Classic Series tables are traditional style recreational tables that work well for the family at home.

Butterfly: A nice variety of lightweight or stationary, rollaway or fixed, double wheeled or single, green, blue and black tables. The Rollaway tables are convenient for home use because they fold up easily for playback and storage. The TW24 model is one of our best selling outdoor tables and features a melamine surface that is highly resistant against scratches and scuffs.

Prince: Affordable, traditional, recreational tables that are great indoor tables for the whole family. Big casters provide easy mobility and Prince tables assemble in minutes.

Joola: Many of their indoor tables have a specially processed Polyester coating for an extremely fast playing surface. The outdoor tables have a sandwich aluminum plate which is absolutely weatherproof, and excellent playing features for the ambitious leisure player.