Under Armour Spotlight Pro vs. Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0

ItÆs 3rd down and long, and you need to make that play that changes the game. You want to stand on the line of scrimmage with confidence knowing you can go up and make a play for the ball, and there is nothing the defense can do about it. Whether youÆre a wide receiver, running back, or tight end, having assurance in your hands to make every catch is priceless. Nothing boost that self-confidence more than an elite pair of receiver gloves. Two of the most trust brands in the football glove game are that of Under Armour and Adidas. Both making a range of gloves for every ability and age group, but specializing in a pro-level option.

When the likes of Julio Jones or DeAndre Hopkins line up on Sundays this fall, theyÆll be relying on their gloves to pull down catches over the NFLÆs best defenders. Julio will do so in the Under Armour Spotlight Pro, while DeAndre prefers the Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0. Both pair of gloves represent the best in the business, with an incredible combination of fit and grip. DeAndreÆs Adizero gloves feature the Adidas trademark seamless GRIPTACK palm that is designed to perform in any weather conditions. JulioÆs Spotlights gloves contain the Under Armour GlueGrip technology, which improves the longevity of the palms grip.

When comparing the two gloves, you are hard to find major differences. Both provide excellent grip, and have a form fitting feel on hand. The Under Armour Spotlight Pro gloves do fit slightly tighter around the hand, ideal for those prefer that snug feel. Both gloves feature mesh backs, to allow for breathability and mobility. The Adidas Adizero mesh does feel somewhat lighter on the hand, and allows for more air flow than the Spotlight. The decision really comes down to person preference as to the fit and feel you prefer. If youÆre a player who like to keep their gloves unstrapped, than perhaps the snug fit of the Under Armour receiver gloves will suit you best. If you play in a warm climate, where ventilation in important, than the Adidas football gloves could be a perfect option. Either way, youÆve got a game changing pair of receiver gloves on your hands that are ready to help you take over.