Adult Football Pants & Girdles

Shoulder pads and football helmets may be the stars of the football equipment game, but back stage, the football girdle is doing a ton of work that helps you perform better, play harder, and work safer. Often overlooked, but staying strong, the football girdle is a compression, yet comfortably fitting under garment that supports and protects. Like football pants, they feature built-in pads in the thighs and hips, and typically hold your cup in place for even more safety. Moisture wicking and breathable, football girdles are the unsung heroes of your football armor.

No player should overlook their football girdle. That's why Sports Unlimited carries the highest-quality, highest-performing, versatile, and comfortable girdles on the field today, many of which are used by pros and NCAA football players! With some of the best styles and advanced materials, from huge and trusted brands like Under Armour, Schutt, Adams, Bike, McDavid, and Rawlings, our selection is second to none. And so are our prices! After all, every player should be protected out there...and it shouldn't cost a pro-salary to get that way.

There are all types of football girdles out there, designed for different types of players. It's important to find the right balance between compression support, breathability, padding, and cushioning offered by the various types of girdles, so you can select the best one to up your game.


Adult Football Pants & Girdles

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