All Star System Seven Axis Youth Pro vs. Easton Elite X Youth

For those that are serious about their baseball, the expectation of performance from their equipment is unyielding. Regardless of the age, dedicated players demand the best, so they can perform at their best. When it comes to catchers gear, this could not be more true. Not only is protection important, but comfort and functionality are essential to elite players. Two brands that stand out at this level are All Star and Easton. Both make a range of gear for all skill levels. But when it comes performance driven Youth Catchers Gear, few do it better than these two.

The All Star System Seven Axis Youth Pro and Easton Elite X Youth catchers gear sets are ideal for those who are already dedicated to playing at a high level. Designed for the ages of 9-12, these are best suited for players competing on travel or all-star teams. Using the same technology and materials that are used in their professional level gear, both sets deliver everything you need to stand confidently behind home plate.

When it comes to the helmets on these sets, there are a few similarities and differences. Firstly, the sizing is almost identical as the Easton fits hat sizes 6 1/8 while the All Star fits 6 1/4 - 7. Both are constructed from ABS Plastic shells with breathable liners. The All Star helmet comes with an I-Bar Vision steel cage that has flat bars for better strength and visibility. The Easton comes with a rubberized matte finish to give a stealthy look.

When it comes to the chest protectors and leg guards, these sets are the same designs you would see in the pros. Ventilation systems allow for enhanced air circulation while high performance foam protect from foul balls and collisions. The All Star chest protector has moldable PE protective plates in the throat, collarbone, and sternum. The one thing to consider is that the All Star chest protector is two inches longer, and measures at 14.5ö The Easton leg guards come with their Trublock anti-roll design that improves stability in the blocking positions. All Star has included their DeltaFlex harness to prevent the leg guards from shifting and also included a gel knee pad to eliminate bruising.The leg guards are very close in size, with All Star at 13" and Easton at 12.75"

Two excellent catchers gear sets for todayÆs leading manufacturers. Check out the Catchers Gear Buyers Guide for information on sizing, so that you can decided which set is best for you.