Arctix Snow Pants Comparison


As the temperature drops and the snow accumulation rises, picking up a pair of quality snow pants is a must. No one wants to be caught out in the winter elements unprepared; so having the appropriate attire is crucial. While there are a variety of companies that make winter wear, Arctix is one who delivers a quality product at a reasonable price. Specializing in snow pants, Arctix offers a range of products for all ages that are designed to keep your legs dry and warm.

Choosing the right pair of snow pants for you can be contingent on a few things. Depending on what you’ll doing while wearing them, you’ll either go with a sports specific pair or an all-around option. If you serious about your winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, you are going to want a pair of snow pants that provides the flexibility and mobility you need. These are made be sport specific brands Like Helly Hansen, or Burton, and are ideal for those who are experienced enough to be performing difficult maneuvers. But if you prefer to keep back flips and difficult steep slopes off of your winter agenda, then a pair of utility snow pants is perfect for you.

This is where the Arctix 1900 and 1960 come into play. As the go-to snow pants for guys, these offer the water resistant warmth that you’d expect from a dependable brand like Arctix. Both are made from their 100% Nylon ThermaLock fabric and ThermaTech insulation. Durable in construction, with reinforced ankles and snow guards to fit around your boots. There are two man differences between the 1900 and 1960 that will make your decision on which is best for you. The 1960 model features cargo pockets on each leg, providing you additional accessible storage. Great for those on the mountain who need a bit of extra room for their belongings. The 1900 greatest feature is the sizes that it is available in. The 1960 is offered in your traditional S-XXL sizing, while the 1900 provides a short, regular, and tall option from sizes S-4XL. This means there is a pair of great snow pants for every shape and size.