Baseball Catchers Accessories

Playing catcher comes with hidden challenges that very few other players know or understand. Catcher is the position that differs most from all of the other positions on the field because the catcher wears a lot more equipment than any outfield player, uses a totally different kind of glove, and plays facing the rest of the team. Baseball catchers accessories are often overlooked, but just as often, incredibly useful. With products like thumb guards to keep your glove hand protected and healthy, knee supports to help keep some of the weight off of your knee joint that can easily break down over time, and throat guards, you can find some of the forgotten gems of a catcher's equipment list right here.

Catcher's knee savers are a must have for any catcher who will be playing the position. As a catcher, spending hours crouched behind the plate takes a huge toll on the knees and knee cushions that easily attach directly to the back of your leg guards and adjust to fit you however you prefer, help tremendously so that you can keep playing through the ninth inning. Made of multi-level foams for cushioning, you'll feel the difference immediately between wearing knee savers and going it without them.