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Baseball Catchers Masks and Helmets

When you're behind the plate, you put yourself right in the line of fire, so it's important to stay safe and protected. After all, you want to have a long and successful carrier right? So when the pitch is coming in at 98mph, you need to have the best protection where it matter most! No, we're not talking about a cup. We're talking about your catcher's helmet and mask.

Concussions and other head injuries can unfortunately occur when you put your body on the line for your team, like catchers regularly do. From dropped balls to plays at the plate, your head can really take a beating. That's why we only stock the highest quality, most durable, and advanced catcher's helmets and masks, in both the latest hockey-styles and traditional designs.

People argue all the time over the choice between tradition 2-piece catcher's helmets and the new hockey-style constructions. These days, in most high school leagues all over the country, catchers are required to wear hockey-style masks, since they provide a larger area of coverage, including neck, ear, and temple protection. In other leagues, and in the pros, the choice is still left to personal preference.

No matter which style you prefer, what you need to look for in a great catcher's mask is protection and performance. Like shopping for any protective gear, you need to find the perfect balance between safety and playability, since you want to be protected, but you never want your gear holding you back or inhibiting your game. In the case of catchers helmets and masks, you want to find a lightweight helmet with great visibility in the mask, that still features full facial coverage and a durable shell. This way, you can keep your eyes on the ball instead of worrying about your helmet, when you're in the game.

Because we are committed to protecting our players and giving them the edge they need, we only stock the highest-quality catcher's gear from the best brands on the diamond. For youth, men, and women, we have full lines of catcher's helmets from brands like All Star, Under Armour, Nike, Mizuno and Rawlings, in every shape, size, color, and option. Each brand offers different features, but every catcher's helmet sports comfortable, padded, moisture wicking linings, durable outer shells, and full face masks. The higher-end, pro level masks are typically lighter, and more comfortable than the lower end helmets, and tend to feature more breathable shells for a cooler game. What's important to understand is that the most expensive helmet is not necessarily "the best" or the best for your game. Be sure to browse all of our helmets and masks to find the one that's right for you.

If you're looking to round out your catcher's gear set, make sure to check out our huge collection of catcher's chest protectors and catcher's shin guards for youth, men, and women. With the right catcher's gear, you can really take your game to the next level. So never short change yourself!

Masks and Helmets

Baseball Catchers Masks and Helmets