Ceiling Mounted Basketball Hoops Buyers Guide

How to buy a ceiling mounted basketball hoop?

Figuring out how and where to purchasing a ceiling mounted system for your gymnasium can be daunting. With all the measurements and moving parts, it may be hard to know where to start. But Sports Unlimited has simplified this process and broken it down in a step by step process. This way you know exactly what to expect and what to do next.

  • Steps
    1. Complete quote request form and specifications sheets and submit to SU
    2. Receive quote from SU and review
    3. Once accepted, formal drawings will be created for final review
    4. Finalize order and production
    Get started by completing our quote request form
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    Once the Quote Request form and Specifications Sheet are completed, a quote will be issued in 3-4 business days. Typically, the manufacturer will have drawings created in 2-4 weeks. Once finalized, system be produced and shipped in 2-3 weeks.

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    What are the folding options for a retractable basketball hoop?

    The feature that makes ceiling mount systems so beneficial in gymnasium spaces, is their ability to be raised out of the way. This allows for complete use of the space when basketball hoops aren't required. Selecting the correct version often depends on the setting of your facility, as there can be limitations.

    Forward - The most popular choice and works well for most spaces. Backstop folds forward over the playing surface. Can be braced in either the front or rear.

    Rear - Can be used in spaces that offer ample space behind the backstop. Back stop fold backwards away from the playing surface.

    Side - Most commonly used in situations where rear and front folds aren't possible. Backstop fold to either the right or left.

    Stationary - Used when there is no need to remove the backstop to accommodate other activities in the space.

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    What winch do I need for my ceiling mounted basketball system?

    The winch is what allows you to raise and lower your system. There are two options when it comes to winches. Deciding which one works best for you can be dependent on budget and how frequently you?ll need to use them.

    Manual - This requires the use of a hand crank or portable winch operator. The portable winch operators act like a drill that rotates the winch crank.

    Electric - The motorized wench makes moving the backstop easy, often include a key switch for simplicity.

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    Do I need a height adjuster for my ceiling mounted system?

    An optional feature available in both manual and electric options, this allows you to adjust the height of the basketball hoops. Offering a range of 8' - 10' for your basket height, this adds versatility for different levels of play. Deciding whether or not you need one would depend on who is using the hoop. If there is a potential to have youth competitions, than it may be worth considering when ordering your system.

    Manual - Similar to a manual wench, this will use a crank handle that lets you manually raise and lower the basket to the required height.

    Electric - Allows you to adjust the height of the hoop with a touch of a button or the turn of a key.

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    Sports Unlimited offers a wide range of options for your ceiling mounted system. Check out our Ceiling Mounted Systems for more details on the specific products.