Exercise Bikes

What do you really get from biking all day and going nowhere? You get ripped, tough, and firm and you don't need a helmet!

Stationary exercise bikes have been around since your great grandfather's time, when they had to stationary bike up hill, both ways, to get fit! Since then, technologies have advanced, styles have changed, and the bike has improved, but the core principles are the same; keep your legs moving, get the heart pumping, burn calories, and strengthen the lower body and core.

Modern exercise bikes now come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and can range anywhere from affordable to quite pricey, depending on what you're looking to get out of them. But for the most part, every exercise bike uses the same basic elements; a rotating wheel and pedals that feature a variety of resistances, a comfortable seat, and handlebars. However, even with these similar characteristics, modern exercise bikes vary a lot from one to the other. Most fall into three, very different forms;

Upright Bikes - Similar in form and function to traditional outdoor bikes (the one's that actually take you places), upright stationary bikes replicate real cycling. These are perfect for hardcore cyclists, and active, healthy individuals, and are incredibly beneficial for burning calories, strengthening the lower body, and training for cycling events and races. They typically feature varying levels of resistance, and computer readouts that can run a number of different programs such as replicating hilly roads.

Recumbent Bikes - More comfortable than upright bikes, recumbent bikes feature a bucket seat instead of the traditionally formed bike seat, that takes a great deal of pressure off of the back, buttocks, knees, and ankles. The motion is similar to traditional biking, but takes place at a lower angle, since the seat is set back from the pedals, instead of directly over them. Designed for people new to biking, or those suffering back or joint pain, recumbent bikes have become incredibly popular since their creation.

Test Cycles - Perfect for rehabilitation and home gym use, test cycles are incredibly durable, and feature regular read-outs of fitness information and data, which helps the user track his or her progress over time.

Choosing the type of exercise bike that's right for you depends greatly on your needs and fitness levels. But no matter which one you choose, you can know that you're getting a great in-home workout every time, no matter when you can fit it in your schedule. That's because we only stock the highest quality exercise bikes on the market today, from the most trusted companies in the fitness game.

With such small footprints, and most at incredibly affordable prices, we have the exercise bikes that fit in your space, and your budget, right here at Sports Unlimited. Check out our full range of bikes and other fitness equipment to find the program and gear that works for your lifestyle and your fitness goals!

Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes

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