Body Solid Neoprene Dumbbells

Body Solid Neoprene Dumbbells can be used for both personal and commercial use. Don't let the fun, bright colors fool you. These dumbbells are made by Body Solid and feature the same quality construction as their other dumbbells.

For personal use, the Body Solid Neoprene Dumbbells are perfect for your home gym, office, running trail, or anywhere else your workout takes you. The lighter weights are ideal for exercising smaller muscle groups, rehabilitation exercises, senior citizen workout classes, or to add an upper body element to your run. The neoprene cover encases the entire dumbbell handle and head seamlessly. The texture of the neoprene helps keep the dumbbell in your hand even when your palms get sweaty mid-workout.

In commercial settings, neoprene dumbbells are typically used in a group class setting. Yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, and Zumba can all be intensified with the use of Body Solid Neoprene Dumbbells. Bright colors help you identify the weight quickly and clearly. The neoprene coating not only provides improved grip, but also provides protection for your flooring and the dumbbells themselves. Vertical stacking racks commonly hold these dumbbells with no divider between individual dumbbells to maximize storage space; neoprene prevents the dumbbells from chipping or cracking when they come in contact with other dumbbells.