Boxing gloves aren't only used by boxers anymore. They are used in fitness training workouts with punching bags or while practicing martial arts. Boxing improves total-body strength, cardiovascular health, hand-eye coordination and helps decrease stress. You can even training at home with the purchase of a heavy bag or speed bag. We sell a variety of options including training gloves, grappling gloves, aerobic gloves and other hand wraps.

What's the difference between Professional gloves and Training gloves? Training gloves are thinner and lightweight with much less padding. They are designed for bag and pad work. Pro gloves offer thicker padding to lessen the damage on your opponent.

Boxing gloves are sold in different weights as well as sizes for men, women and kids. 8 oz gloves are typically used by kids under 150 lbs. 12 oz gloves usually fit adults under 150 lbs. Adults weighing 150-175 lbs typically use 14 oz gloves and 16 oz gloves are for boxers over 175 lbs. Gloves are often constructed of leather or synthetic leather with mesh palms for breathability.

As boxing gloves can get pretty pricey, it's important to take care of your gloves to ensure they will last a long time. Never put your gloves in a plastic bag or leave them in your gym bag. Moisture will create an unpleasant odor and could even grow mold inside of them. You should always let them dry in the sun or in front of a fan after using. You can also use disinfect spray or wipes on the exterior and interior to kill bacteria.