Catcher's mitts are just as vital to the success of a catcher as they are his pitcher because it's about getting in a rhythm and maintaining pressure on batters. Giving your pitcher confidence to throw balls low because he knows that you'll be there to block a ball in the dirt or catch it on the bounce, you allow your pitcher to do their best work. With subtleties in the leather, lacing, stitching, pocket, and padding, catcher's gloves are unique pieces of equipment. Along with your other protective catcher's gear, your glove needs to secure the ball without leaving a harsh sting from the pitch.

With catchers gear and glove brands like Easton and Rawlings, Sports Unlimited provides catcher's with the gear that they need to protect themselves behind the plate and succeed on every play. While a catchers mitt is not the only piece of equipment you'll need to find that success, it is crucial to having a great catching career from youth ball through high school and maybe even all the way to the top level.